Below are just a few examples of Fluid Powers Centre's capabilites in action.

Skandi Hawk Winch

Diagnosis and repairs to large marine winch.

Demolition Shear on Hitachi Excavator

The Genesis GXP1000R demolition shear was fitted by Fluid Power NT on-site in Tennant Creek. Full system integration enables smooth delivery of the required 300kW hydraulic power. Mounting components were manufactured in-house and line bored on-site.

Diesel Water-Trap / Multi-Filter Assembly - Power Generation Industry

A multiple filter and centrifugal water separator assembly for return diesel fuel at Ron Goodin Power Station. The frame is adjustable to allow for installation on sloping sump floor. Valving Allows for 0 or any 2, 3, or 4 filters to be selected simultaneously. Construction allows for ease of maintenance and visual indication of fuel condition. Lockable valves installed for SAFETY management.   

Water cart for the Alice Springs Town Council

Water cart for the Alice Springs Town Council with automatic lowering boom and water valve – electric pneumatic installation on truck – all driver controlled from within cab.

Oily Water Separator

Oily Water Separator installed at a new hangar recently erected at the Alice Springs Airport. Environmentally responsible, this unit captures waste water at two drain points; the process then removes hydrocarbons to a separate container and discharges safe water to sewerage.

11 KW Power Pack for Transalign ISM.

11 KW Power Pack for Transalign ISM consisting of a motor driving two variable displacement open-loop pumps. This Multi-purpose machine has been used in Indonesia at the PT Freeport mine to drive Heavy Drilling Boring and Tapping machines. The unit along with its twin is scheduled for major works in Chile 2012.